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Phyto-activating the Future of Hair Health, Regeneration, and Growth

September 18, 2021

Phyto-activating the Future of Hair Health, Regeneration, and Growth

If you're experiencing hair loss, you're in good company - and a large one at that. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), 80 million men and women suffer from hereditary hair loss or hair thinning. That's without considering those with hair-filled hair brushes for other reasons such as stress, pregnancy, poor diet, illness, and the list, unfortunately, goes on.

Here's a simple fact: we lose 50 to 100 hairs every day. It's all just part and parcel of our natural Hair follicle cycle. Depending on interior or exterior factors, it can accelerate or slow down.


The scalp is incredibly moody. But just as quick as it can deteriorate, it can also reinvigorate. So if you treat it right, it'll reward you with less dandruff and volumized, silky-smooth hair that retains length - ideal! 

How do I give my scalp and hair the love they deserve?

For years, hair care enthusiasts have been heeding the chemical-based promises of the beauty industry. But, little did they know, as chemicals seep through the porous cuticle of the hair, they leave damage in their wake. What's worse, after sapping moisture from the hair's cortex, they leave its protective outer layer frayed. The result is a head of deflated, limp hair that breaks if you look at it the wrong way.

Phytoactives to the rescue!

Avoiding this bad-hair-life horror story is as simple as looking to nature. Plants and their flowers are like us – we require much the same vitamins and minerals to bloom and thrive. Their bodies are packed full of flavonoids and vitamins A, B3, C, D, and E, AKA a feast for the hair. And here's the kicker – absolutely none of it dehydrates the hair. Instead, it invites the hair to lap up moisture before locking it in. The result of plant-based haircare? A happy head family of energized follicles, harmonized scalp, and stunning hair. And science agrees, a 2021 study published in the US National Library of Medicine revealed the positive effects of phyto-active formulations on hair growth and health.

What is phyto-active haircare?

The secret's in the name. Phyto – meaning plant, and active, meaning ready to kick your hair into shape! Plants tap into the life-giving oasis contained just under the surface of the earth. From them, we can harvest this miracle-working mix and infuse it into carefully curated formulas. Here is what their resumes might look like: deep penetration, potency, natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, stimulating, balancing, soothing, anti-fungal, circulation-boosting, alongside therapeutic benefits for the mind and wellbeing. 

This overall hair health punch is primed for regeneration. If used regularly, not only will the hair itself thicken, but bald patches or fallen baby hairs will reactive, entering into a period of regeneration. 

Common botanical ingredients known for their phyto-active properties are Aloe Vera, Rose Flower Water, Lavender Oil, Rose Oil, and Jasmine Oil. If packed into a concentrated phyto-active hair serum, they have the power to enliven the scalp through deep-diving nourishment and hydration. The capillaries just under the scalp and surrounding the follicles are organically encouraged to dilate, bringing growth and recovery-promoting blood to the area. This effect makes ripe ground for healthy and sustained hair growth – exactly what you want!

How can I incorporate phyto-actives into my routine?

After reading the above, if you’re thinking the answer to hair loss and thinning woes lies in a more organic approach to hair care, you’d be right! Phyto-active use by the beauty industry is increasingly offering hope to those 80 million (and more) who are dreaming of a thicker, healthier hair future. Watch this space. Or, snap up some phyto-active serum products and put it to the test!

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